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About me


Hi! My name is Jens van Wijhe. I am a web developer and designer from The Netherlands.

Currently, I am the co-owner of a full service internet and marketing agency, called Internetbureau Beter Bekend.

When I'm not working

When I am not working I am probably playing sport. After work I like to do some fitness. Currently I am following Personal Body Plan, make sure to check them out! Personal Body Plan is a cool fitness and lifestyle program that helps you to make to most out of your exercises.

When I have some more time off I like to get out and explore some nature. I’m always up for a hike. Check out my Youtube Channel if you want to follow me into the wilderness.

Jens van Wijhe

Co-founder Internetbureau Beter Bekend

Jens van Wijhe, web developer and entrepreneur based in The Netherlands.  Co-founder of Internetbureau Beter Bekend.

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