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How to change the post author in WordPress


How to change the post author in Wordpress

WordPress plugin tutorial: How to change the post author in WordPress.
Sometimes you need to change the author of a WordPress post. This can be quite the hassle. Let’s say you have a WordPress website with a lot of blog posts. You don’t want to edit every single post one by one.

Download the plugin

If you aren’t familiar with PHP, you can download the complete plugin. I uploaded the plugin to Gumroad. From there you can easily download the complete WordPress plugin for a small price.With this plugin you can easily bulk edit the author of a blog item, page or custom post type item.

Step 1

Get the id's

Find the id’s of the post and author. You can easily find the id as a GET parameter within the url.

Extend the code

I worked on the code a little bit more and extended it into a WordPress plugin. Within the plugin you can loop through all the post and edit the post author. This can save you a lot of time when you accidentally created some posts with the wrong author.

You can download the plugin at Gumroad. If you have any questions about the code, hit me up on Twitter!

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